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The Music Lab:

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ReFuturo Dub is a reflection of experiences lived with Marcelo Yuka, at Observatório de Ecos. An immersion in the universe of developing techniques for creating sounds and assembling textures that add the values ​​of digital and analog beats, and art flourishes from the soul and human relationships. And it is in the studio where the greatest experiments and creative exchanges take place, and also where the dream began to take shape. ​


The phonographic creation of the ReFuturo Dub project takes place at the Coletivo Rasta Music Lab. The laboratory where ideals and principles come to life, whether in musicality or in lyrics, in order to confront, annoy and make you think. Who knows, act. ​


From the union of forces was born the 1st single, Seja Democracy. Launched on digital platforms on September 7, 2021, it is a work carried out by producers Celso Guimarães, Tico Zapata and Studio Taturana, by the brilliant producer and multi-instrumentalist André Sachs, in partnership with composers, musicians and performers, Rachel Claussen and Felipe Naza. And which relied on the strength of the work carried out by IPAD-Seja Democracia, the Complexo da Maré Institute of Politics and Democracy, and the Marielle Franco Institute, for engagement and dissemination of the ReFuturo Dub Project. ​


Then, more experiments with the project were launched: Be Democracy In'Dub; Children Spiritists (in partnership with the clip produced in a workshop given by award-winning filmmaker Paulo China at Sesc-Teresópolis); the conceptual single Black Forest Change (in partnership with award-winning producer, filmmaker, cultural organizer and multi-artist, Paulinho Sacramento); the album O avesso da historia, in partnership with the composer, musician and performer, Augusto Bapt. ​


Good music is what we do!

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