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The Band:

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The ReFuturo band is one of the most important actions for the dissemination of the 3 pillars of the ReFuturo Dub project. Through organic training, ReFuturo adds values ​​and ideas that manifest themselves in the interaction between artists, promoting interpersonal connection, artistic experimentation and environmental, political and social awareness. ​


ReFuturo is much more than a band. It is the manifestation of diversity, freedom and the right to life and social existence. It is about valuing inclusion. It is political-social awareness. It is sustainable survival. It is to transform the reality of the near future through a lot of good music and impactful and representative actions. ​


Several artists from different areas have played for the band ReFuturo, such as producer and multi-instrumentalist Tico Zapata, guitarist Thiago Mendes, bassists Gabriel China, Paulo Cellos and Júlio Chinemann, saxophonist Hygor Mouteira, drummer Lino Serra.


The ReFuturo band always seeks to be the space of opportunity for, in addition to talent, black people, peripheral people, LGBTQIA+ and any collective that needs visibility and voice to make their art shine.

Sarah Martins was born and raised in Teresópolis, she is only 25 years old, but she carries an artistic baggage that comes from childhood. She began her life in art at a very young age, singing with her mother in churches, in addition to acting and dancing at an early age. Professional dancer and Pole Dance teacher, she returned to the stage as a singer and will soon release her first solo song. Sarah Martins is a complete artist who knows exactly what she wants and expresses herself like no one else in her lyrics, and today she is the main performer of the ReFuturo Band


Celso Guimarães is Carioca at heart, Salgueirense at heart, Celso Guimarães (FavelaMan) is citizen of the world, producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, educator, social activist and sound designer, graduate of Berklee College of Music (Boston). He lived outside Brazil for 30 years, with passages through Europe, Africa and the USA, playing in 39 countries working with big names in global music: Sting, Elvis Costelo, Celine Dion, Jeff Derby, Família Marley, James Taylor, The Cure, Alan White (Yes), Simple Red, Toots and Maytals, Entrain, Radio FX, Accept Regret, Gloria Gainors, Carbim Pression, Kim Asher, Boston Pops, Beth Carvalho, Gilberto Gil, Lecy Brandão, Elza Soares, among many others. Today, Celso dedicates himself to being the director, creator, producer and musician of Coletivo Rasta Cultural Productions, launching new artists and sounds in the music market, such as his ReFuturo Dub.


Born in Teresópolis, Júlia C. Motta has been a multi-instrumentalist since she was 13 years old. Dedicated student of masters Zeca and Altair Jr. Versatile guitarist with varied influences, ranging from Samba to Jazz and Rock. Music has always run in her veins, which is why she has been part of several local projects. Today, he is responsible for the riffs and chords of songs by the band ReFuturo.

Denise Cordeiro, also known as Deny, is an artist born and raised in Teresópolis-RJ, who is currently studying Psychology at UNIFESO. Her trajectory in music began early, at the age of 4, due to the influence of her parents to participate in choirs in evangelical churches. Over the years, her passion for art increased and she began to sing at religious events. In 2018, her performed at SESC Teresópolis-RJ through Studio Lá no Pombo, where she was studying singing. She is currently the back vocalist of the band ReFuturo, and vocalist and co-founder of the band Primus Dagga.


Lucas Shernnin is co-founder of CL Gang - Cotidiano Lírico, bassist, backing vocalist and composer. He developed his knowledge of tonalities and chords as a child, with the church group. It has over 200 hours of studio recording and over 5,000 views on YouTube with the Classic MC'S channel. Today he is the bassist of ReFuturo.

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