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ReFuturo Dub is an artistic collective in defense of life that, through music, poetry and attitudes, brings together collective power to leverage knowledge that boosts the critical awareness and social transformation. ​ ​


A project born in 2021 that seeks to build a society that is the sea for human dignity in existing power and interpersonal relationships. We are multiple in colors and flavors, we represent the diversity present in the Brazilian historical and social formation. Blacks, indigenous peoples, LGBTQIA+ and PCDs, mixing all the existing artistic creativity in sounds and words, transforming and satisfying the hunger for culture, dignity and recognition. ​


ReFuturo Dub is a reflection of the experiences lived with Marcelo Yuka at the Observatório de Ecos. An immersion in the universe of developing techniques for creating sounds and assembling textures that aggregates the digital and analog beat values, and art flourishes from the soul and human relationships.

ReFuturo Dub is much more than a band. It is the manifestation of diversity, freedom and the right to life and social existence. It is about valuing inclusion. It is political-social awareness. It is sustainable survival. It is to transform the reality of the near future through a lot of good music and impactful

and representative actions. ​


A miscegenation of rhythms, ideas and sound. In which some of the main influences are Jazz, Reggae, Rap and Black Music. It will make you shake to the deep sound of the African drums of maestro FavelaMan, the unbelievable performance of Paulo Cellos on keyboards and bass, the “groovado” swing of Tico Zapata's drums, the heavy riffs of Júlia C. Motta and of course, of the powerful voice of the black, trans and peripheral vocalist, Alexia Pattrón. ​ ​


Let's make the world greener together. Come to the ReFuturo Dub shows, pick up your ecological kit with native seeds, and be part of the change.

Good music is what we do!

​ReFuturo Dub is Reggae and other things!

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Celso Guimarães is Carioca at heart, Salgueirense at heart, Celso Guimarães (FavelaMan) is citizen of the world, producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, educator, social activist and sound designer, graduate of Berklee College of Music (Boston). He lived outside Brazil for 30 years, with passages through Europe, Africa and the USA, playing in 39 countries working with big names in global music: Sting, Elvis Costelo, Celine Dion, Jeff Derby, Família Marley, James Taylor, The Cure, Alan White (Yes), Simple Red, Toots and Maytals, Entrain, Radio FX, Accept Regret, Gloria Gainors, Carbim Pression, Kim Asher, Boston Pops, Beth Carvalho, Gilberto Gil, Lecy Brandão, Elza Soares, among many others. Today, Celso dedicates himself to being the director, creator, producer and musician of Coletivo Rasta Cultural Productions, launching new artists and sounds in the music market, such as his ReFuturo Dub project.

Tico Zapata é multi-instrumentista e compositor. Baterista de formação acadêmica, começou sua carreira tocando em bandas de fanfarra na região de Paraty, depois desenvolveu diversos trabalhos em estúdio como o Nas Nuvens (Liminha e Gil), Observatório de Ecos (Marcelo Yuka), em produções para a cantora uruguaia Maria Paz, como técnico de som em dublagens e produção audiovisual para o canal OFF, dentre outros. Também tem participação em gravações e shows com grandes artistas como a banda Grave!, Muv, Maurício Negão, augusto Bapt, Jomar Schrank, MC Shackal, e outros.

Paul Campos Jr. he is a bass player with an academic background at UCAM (Nova Friburgo). He has developed works with several authorial bands from the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro and has shared stages with names such as Jahguasoul, the group Cultura de Samba and Júlio e Júnior. Currently Paulo plays in the bands Sob Cerco, from Hard Core, and ReFuturo Dub, in which, in addition to the bass, he plays the keyboard, bringing harmony, weight and a lot of psychedelia.

Born in Teresópolis, Júlia C. Motta has been a multi-instrumentalist since she was 13 years old. Dedicated student of masters Zeca and Altair Jr. Versatile guitarist with varied influences, ranging from Samba to Jazz and Rock. Music has always run in her veins, which is why she has been part of several local projects. Today, he is responsible for the riffs and chords of songs by the band ReFuturo Dub.

Alexia Pattrón is a singer and songwriter. A resilient trans woman who, since she was a little girl, stands out for her firm and striking voice, and has been taking souls and hearts in the artistic universe. Brings in his career influences from Reggae, Jazz, Blues and Soul Music. Today she is the official vocalist of ReFuturo Dub, with the sweetness of her womanhood and the strength of her resilience in authorial songs and reinterpretations of national and international hits.

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