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We keep then burning.



     ReFuturo Dub  is an artistic collective in defense of life. Through music, poetry and actions, we bring collective power to leverage knowledge that promote critical awareness and social transformation.

     We are multiple in color and social historical formation. We are the unification of blacks, whites, indigenous, trans and all who must be represented. We are the miscegenation of all artistic creativity existing in sounds, images and words. Our quest is to build a society that is the sea for human dignity, in existing relationships.

   ReFuturo Dub  born from the experiences with the musician Marcelo Yuka at the Observatório de Ecos. An immersion in the universe of techniques for creating sounds and assembling textures, which adds the values of digital and analog recordings, making art flourish from the soul and human relationships.

CELSO GUIMARÃES ´FavelaMan´ - Educator, multi-instrumentalist, composer, record producer and activist. African drums. ​


TICO ZAPATA - Phonographic producer, drums, bass and guitar. ​


PAULINHO SACRAMENTO - Filmmaker, audio visual producer, percussion. ​


JÚLIA C. MOTTA - Guitar and acoustic guitar ​


JULIO CHINEMANN - bass and guitar ​


PAULO CELLOS - Bass and piano ​


ALEXIA PATTRÓN - Vocals, composer and actvist

    Good music, that's what we do! Musicality and poetry encompass a collective of sounds and senses that aim to awaken and reflect on the messages represented in the lyrics of ReFuturo Dub's songs. A miscegenation of rhythms, ideas and sound. In which some of the main influences are Jazz, Reggae, Rap and Black Music.

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