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ReFuturo Dub is an artistic collective in defense of life that, through music, poetry and attitudes, brings together collective power to leverage knowledge that drives critical awareness and social transformation. ​ ​​


A project born in 2021 that seeks to build a society that is the sea for human dignity in existing power and interpersonal relationships. An initiative that aggregates powers in order to transmute contemporary reality based on 3 ideological pillars: art, awareness and interpersonal connections.


Through experiments and creations in the studio and organic rereadings, multiple connections on and off stage and the seed of sustainability with the spread of awareness. ​ We are multiple in colors and flavors, we represent the diversity present in the Brazilian historical and social formation. Black, indigenous, LGBTQIA+ and PCDs, mixing all the existing artistic creativity in sounds and words, transforming and satisfying the hunger for culture, dignity and recognition. A miscegenation of rhythms, ideas and sound. In which some of the main influences are Jazz, Reggae, Rap and Black Music. ​ ​​ ​ ​


ReFuturo Dub, good music is what we do!!

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